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Adjustable Cable Lock Strong Corrosin Resistance

Our Multi-Locks are made from an engineering plastic ABS lock body that is not only extremely durable, but also resistant to even the most severe corrosion. The sleek, modern design is not only visually appealing but also ensures your locks won’t rust or deteriorate over time. Plus, by choosing a custom lock body color, you can easily match it to your personal style or existing security system.

Our Multi-Lock cables are made from multiple strands of steel wire, ensuring maximum strength and durability. The outer layer of the cable is made of clear PVC, providing an extra layer of protection against abrasion. Additionally, the length of the cable can be easily customized to fit your specific needs, providing flexibility and helping you secure objects of various sizes.

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One of the standout features of our Multi-Lock is the ability to secure up to four padlocks simultaneously. This makes it ideal for applications that need to protect multiple access points while still maintaining a streamlined and organized system. With just one lock, you can secure multiple entrances, gates or compartments with confidence, giving you the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind.

Our Multi-Lock lock bodies feature erasable labels for enhanced visibility and identification. This innovative feature allows you to repeatedly write, erase and rewrite any necessary information. Whether marking the owner of a lock, indicating the contents of a secure area, or providing clear instructions to authorized personnel, erasable tags ensure efficient and effective communication. Additionally, the length of the label can be customized to accommodate any important information you may need to convey.

Our multi-lock cable padlocks combine durability, convenience and visibility to provide a top-notch security solution. With its corrosion-resistant ABS lock body, customizable cable lengths, the ability to secure up to four padlocks, and erasable tags, the lock is ideal for a variety of applications – from securing storage units to securing construction sites.

Product model



Cable diameter: 4mm, length: 2m


Cable diameter 6mm, length: 2m

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