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Grip Type Cable Lock Supports A Padlock For Locking

One of the key features of this cable lock is its durable lock body, made of engineered nylon PA. This material offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the lock remains functional and reliable even in harsh environments. With this lock, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your belongings are always protected.

The steel cable of our multi-purpose cable lock is made from high-quality multi-strand steel wire, which provides superior strength and ensures that it will not be easily cut or damaged. To enhance its visibility and aesthetics, the outer layer of the cable is coated with bright red PVC. Additionally, cable lengths can be customized to your exact requirements, giving you unparalleled flexibility.

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This cable lock comes with a convenient padlock attachment, allowing you to secure it with a padlock of your choice. This not only facilitates locking but also ensures compatibility with various padlocks on the market. Whether you prefer a combination lock or a key lock, our versatile cable locks will suit your preference.

In addition to its unique locking features, this cable lock also comes with a hasp for impressive multi-person management capabilities. By using the hasp, you can easily expand the padlock to accommodate multiple users, allowing for efficient and practical management of shared resources or equipment.

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Cable diameter 3.3mm,length 2.4m

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