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Medium-Sized Circuit Breaker Lock Locking

This circuit breaker lock is made of high-quality materials and is durable. The reinforced nylon used in its manufacturing not only ensures its strength but also increases its longevity, making it ideal for long-term use. Rest assured, this lock will stand the test of time and provide reliable security for your circuit breaker.

One of the key features of our medium circuit breaker lock is its compatibility with medium circuit breakers. Whether used in residential, commercial or industrial settings, this lock is ideal for medium-sized circuit breakers. It fits snugly around the circuit breaker, preventing any unauthorized access and ensuring the circuit breaker remains securely locked.

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Additionally, we understand the importance of ease of use. The keyhole diameter of our products is designed to be 9mm, making it easy to install and disassemble. The lock effortlessly places around the circuit breaker and securely locks the circuit breaker with just the turn of the key, giving you peace of mind and preventing any tampering or accidental switching.

Our medium duty circuit breaker locks not only provide optimal security but also provide a clear deterrent to potential intruders. Its bright color and sturdy design clearly indicate that the circuit breaker is locked and out of bounds. With this lock, you can be confident that your circuit breaker is protected from unauthorized access, keeping your electrical system safe.

Product model



The maximum clamp length is 10.5mm. The screwdriver locks the device


The maximum clamping degree is 10.5mm, manually tighten
the lazy screw to realize the lock

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