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Multi-Functional LISTING STYLUS with Precision Pen and Stylus Features

This set includes a specially formulated ink pen that allows you to write on PVC labels with ease. The ink adheres to the label without smudging or smudging, ensuring clarity and readability. With its precise and consistent process, you can create clean, professional-looking labels every time.

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One of the key features of our PVC label writing set is its wipe-off functionality. Unlike traditional labels or markers, our set allows you to easily remove or change written text. Simply wipe off the ink with a dry cloth or paper, leaving your labels clean and ready for new content. This feature makes our products versatile and adaptable, giving you the freedom to reorganize or update labels when necessary.


The durability of our PVC labels is another outstanding feature. Our labels are made from high quality PVC material to withstand daily wear and tear. Regardless of exposure to moisture, heat, or any other external factors, our labels will remain intact and legible, ensuring long-lasting performance.


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