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Motor Protection Switch Lock with Tamper-Proof Design

Made from ABS engineering plastic, this shelving unit is incredibly durable and strong, ensuring it will last for years to come. ABS engineering plastic is known for its high impact resistance and toughness, making it the perfect material for sturdy shelving units that can withstand heavy loads.

One of the standout features of this shelving unit is its tool-free installation. We understand the frustration that a complicated assembly process can cause, so we designed this shelving unit to be easily installed without any additional tools. Just follow the simple instructions and your new shelving unit will be ready to use in no time.

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To further enhance its stability, our shelving units are equipped with sturdy screws for ergonomic construction. These screws provide extra security, ensuring your shelving unit stays securely in place even when fully loaded. You can trust that your items will be safe and secure on this shelving unit.

Another notable feature of this shelving unit is its adjustable and lockable 4-hole positions. This allows you to customize the shelving to perfectly fit your storage needs. Whether you need to store large or small items, this shelving unit can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of sizes. Once the shelves are in place, simply lock them into place for added stability and peace of mind.

Product model



Applicable to button type motor protection switch, the maximum
clamping size is46mm


Suitable for rotary motor protection switch, the maximum
clamping size is 50mm

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