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Electrical Pneumatic Plug Lock

One of the main features of our ABS engineering plastic locks is their double-opening quadrilateral lock design. This unique design allows the lock to be easily used with a variety of power plugs and air hose male connectors. Thanks to its versatility, this lock becomes a valuable tool for locking and securing different types of equipment.

The lock has six holes that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to securely lock cables, preventing unauthorized access and theft. Additionally, these holes can be used to lock the downwardly bent male pneumatic fitting, providing a tight and secure connection.

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Security is a top priority and we ensure our locks meet the highest industry standards. Our ABS engineering plastic locks can accommodate up to four security padlocks with a diameter of 7.9mm. This means multiple locks can be used simultaneously for added security, ensuring only authorized personnel can access locked devices.

Our ABS engineering plastic locks not only provide superior security, but also convenience and ease of use. Its compact size and lightweight design make it portable and easy to carry. Whether you’re using it at home, in the office, or on site, this lock easily integrates into your existing security system.

In summary, our ABS engineering plastic lock is an innovative and reliable solution for locking electrical plugs and air hose male connectors. This lock ensures maximum security for your valuable equipment with its durable construction, versatile design, and ability to accommodate multiple security padlocks. Invest in an ABS engineered plastic lock and enjoy peace of mind knowing your device will be protected from unauthorized access.

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For various electrical and pneumatic plugs:8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 19mm


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