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Durable and Sustainable CARDBOARD SCAFFOLDS for Temporary Structures

Scaffold safety warning labels are made of high-quality engineering plastic ABS, known for its sturdiness, durability and wear resistance. This material ensures that labels can withstand harsh working conditions, effectively communicate critical information, and withstand continued use without losing their effectiveness.

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One of the unique features of our scaffolding safety alert labels is its ability to provide systematic, procedural and regulatory warnings for scaffolding in the workplace. Employers and workers alike can rest easy knowing that this label is more than a simple warning sign. It provides clear guidance on all aspects of scaffolding safety, including assembly instructions, load-bearing capacities and recommended usage practices. This comprehensive system ensures that all individuals are aware of the potential risks associated with the use of scaffolding and have the knowledge to effectively mitigate risks.


The label is carefully designed to attract attention and convey a sense of urgency. It’s very eye-catching and features the words “Do Not Use This Device” in English highlighted in a bold, easy-to-understand font. This clear warning is a powerful deterrent to anyone who may attempt to use unsafe scaffolding, preventing accidents and injuries from occurring.


In addition to their safety benefits, scaffold safety alert tags are also user-friendly and easy to install. It can be securely fastened to scaffolding using its integrated fastening system, ensuring it remains securely in place throughout the project. Tags can also be easily replaced as needed, allowing for efficient maintenance and minimizing downtime.


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The tag can be glued to the equipment with adhesive, and can also be trapped on the wire with tie; applicable to all legal hang points-

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