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Anti-Rust Steel Hasp Lock for Long-Lasting Corrosion Protection

Introducing our innovative multi-person nylon PA mold lock, a versatile and secure solution designed to simplify multi-person energy management. With its durability, functionality, and customizable features, this lock is the ultimate choice for organizations looking to enhance security and efficiency.

The lock is constructed with a sturdy nylon PA molded handle, ensuring a secure grip and reliable performance. The latch hook surface is galvanized for excellent rust and scratch resistance, extending its service life and ensuring long-lasting protection. Say goodbye to constantly replacing locks due to wear and tear.

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The keyhole diameter is 9.8mm, easily accommodating a variety of locking points. Simply insert the lock into the desired source of energy and you can rest assured that it will stay securely in place, keeping the equipment or machinery safely out of service until all designated personnel have removed the lock.

To suit your unique preferences and brand image, handle colors can be customized to your specifications. Make your lock stand out or blend seamlessly with your existing equipment – the choice is yours.

One of the standout features of this multi-person nylon PA mold lock is its six-hole design. This design allows up to six people to receive the same energy at the same time. By allowing multiple employees to participate in lockdown procedures, you can enhance coordination, teamwork, and accountability within your organization. No more waiting for one person to complete a task; with our locks, everyone can efficiently manage their own portion of energy, speeding up the locking process.

Safety and security should never be compromised. Our multi-man nylon PA mold clamps meet and exceed industry standards, assuring you of their reliability and effectiveness. Whether you work in manufacturing, construction, or any energy industry that requires a lockout procedure, this lock will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset.

Invest in our multi-person nylon PA mold locks today and have peace of mind knowing your energy is managed securely by multiple people. With its superior build quality, customization options, and multi-person functionality, the lock ensures enhanced security, efficiency, and compliance. Trust our locks to protect the health of your equipment, people, and overall workplace.

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1*(25mm) diameter shackle can accommodate 6 padlocks


1.5″(38mm) diameter shackle can accommodate 6 padlocks

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